Friday, May 30, 2008

First Dr. Visit

So the kids and I went to see the Midwife. The kids had no clue why we were there and then she did an ultrasound and showed the kids the baby and the heartbeat. The kids were in shock! Bigman must have asked 5 times Is there really a baby in there? The baby measured 7 weeks at the ultrasound which puts my due date at January 15th. I'm hoping to get through Christmas since both of the boys were early. After we left the kids were jumping up and down so excited and then Bigman turns to me very seriously and says We need to call Daddy. It was really cute, he thinks he knew before Daddy and had to tell him all about it. So of course all the kids can talk about is the baby and have to tell everyone we see and want to see the ultrasound over and over. I hope that they are this excited when the baby comes!

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