Friday, January 29, 2010


Way too early on Saturday mornings you will find us at basketball practice. Big Man is in the white shirt with his arm up after just shooting (he has great form doesn't he!!) He is surprisingly good considering he has never played before and he is having a great time which is really all that matters:)
I sit on the side and hope that watching her brother will keep her occupied for an hour.
She enjoys watching for about 5 minutes and then wants to be entertained and chased all over the gym.
Little Man is doing gymnastics since he isn't quite old enough for basketball and enjoys showing off his stellar somersaults.
Again, she will only watch about 5 minutes and then I have to take her outside to spare everyone's ears from her loud screaming that takes place when she is bored!
She loves being outside and will just wander around trying to eat whatever she can find. Maybe someday I will actually get to sit and enjoy watching the boys:)

Thankfully she is much better and much happier and can you believe she turns 13 months on Sunday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Year

So it has been almost a month since she turned one and had her pictures taken, but hey I've been busy!
She did so well and was done with her pictures in 5 minutes, which is about as long as her attention span.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen my happy smiling girl in about 10 days. She has been sick and these last 10 days have been the worst, I think, since she has been born. Every night she was waking up for hours, like from 1-4 in the morning and would not go back to sleep. That doesn't go over well with Mommy when she has to be up at 6:30 to get everyone ready and Big Man to school! I took her to the Dr. last week and she said that it was likely teething causing her sleeplessness. She has a bottom tooth and a molar working their way in. Not what I was wanting to hear. I waited another 5 days and she still was crazy so I took her in yesterday and she had an ear infection. Never has anyone been as excited as I was to find out that my daughter was infected. At least there is a reason for her crankiness and so there is a chance it may not be permanent, yeah!!
She started her meds yesterday and I was hoping for a quick recovery but today she still had fevers and was cranky. She did sleep all night last night, however so I am happy:)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Fun Over Break

So I took the boys skating at the least crowded skating rink I know which is at my old church. They were having a seniors birthday party (seriously there were 70 year olds skating with birthday hats on!) when we first got there, but they soon took off to go eat cake and we had the rink to ourselves. Big Man got the hang of it pretty quickly and was able to skate around without holding on and only had a few hard falls.
Little Man did much better skating on the carpet, but would get out there and hang on to the railing as well. I think next time I take them he will be ready to really skate! They both had a blast and all I can say is skating is definitely a good workout, I was quite sore the next day.
We also went to the park and played. I think that stomp rockets are one of the best toys around. My boys love playing with it, but the rockets go so high and far sometimes that they can't play it at home because they get lost in the neighbors yard or on the roof!
Preparing for the big jump...
Little Miss (I'm trying not to call her my baby anymore since she did just turn one, but it is hard!) just practiced her walking and enjoyed watching the boys. Yes, she wears dresses to the park and just about everywhere else as well:)
On New Years Eve we went to the zoo and they had snow brought in and Radio Disney was there doing some fun stuff.
The baby was fighting her sleep and then gave in midway through eating a cheese puff. She actually held on to it for about 45 minutes too while sleeping before she finally dropped it!
Little man has been practicing his photography skills and wanted to make sure I put one of his pictures on the computer so here it is...I never get to post pictures of myself since I'm always taking them:)
Now we are back to the real world of school and work. I enjoyed his break but am glad that school has started again. I think my boys need the time apart, I know I need a break from their bickering and fighting:)