Friday, January 30, 2009

I Keep Telling Her Not To Hold It In For A Week...

Before During
We were sitting around admiring the baby and taking pictures like we normally do when she started grunting. Hubby started telling her that she was a stinky girl and lifted her up and called frantically for me. Of course I had to take another picture before I helped him:) I would not have believed this much poop could come out of a single baby. My poor hubby had it in his pockets, wallet, and all over his blackberry. Hubby does not handle poop well either. By the time I got her picked up he was all ready dry heaving, what a wimp!!!

Look Who's One!!

My niece had her birthday party at the park...she was so funny and giggly the whole day like she knew it was her special day. In a few short months she is going to be a big sister and have a new brother to play with!
The kids had so much fun playing with their dad.
They are definitely going to miss him when he goes back to work next week.
I'm trying to talk him into taking another month off, but so far it doesn't look like that is going to happen.

One Month

She is still as sweet as ever and growing so fast! The only time she seems to cry is when she is in her car seat awake. If she is asleep she doesn't mind being in the car seat, but she definitely does not like it awake. She is a great sleeper overall and can sleep through any noise that her brothers make:)

Her brothers still smother her with love, Little Man even came into our room in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago because he wanted to see his baby sister and give her a kiss! She is definitely still a Momma's girl as well, but I don't mind:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Life In Pictures

I swear I just folded this amount of laundry 3 days ago as well! I don't know if my laundry has tripled or if time is going by faster than I realize...I have a feeling it is the latter:)My kids are constantly finding ways to get dirty as well, at least this time it was outside!

He was completely covered in chalk from head to toe, he wasn't trying to get dirty it just happens somehow, and somehow now his bed that I just washed is also covered in chalk, (sigh).

Here is our new window. My hubby and brother in law have been spending a lot of time working on the bathroom, but so far I can't tell much of a difference!! They have been doing the electrical and plumbing and behind the walls kind of stuff. Hubby's step-dad came over and put in a new window this weekend, though, and it looks so much better than the old one. I just can't wait for my new bathroom!!

After laundry and cleaning up after the kids my cute little girl takes up the rest of my time right now. She is getting bigger every day it seems!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

People Suck

I was getting ready to walk into Sprouts tonight when my wallet fell in the parking lot without me realizing it. I was 10 feet away from it when I noticed it was gone but all I saw was a guy reaching out of a car to pick it up and then driving off. The nerve of some people. My whole life is in my wallet. Sigh.

I Had A Real Bathroom Yesterday and Today I Have This...

Because we didn't have enough going on all ready, my hubby decided it would be a good time to gut and redo our bathroom! Tomorrow we will get a new window and the electrical done and then next week we are getting a new tub put in. Hopefully it won't take too long as the other bathroom only has a stand up shower that I'm not very fond of, but I am sooo excited to get a new bathroom:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First One...

The view out our arcadia door after Little Man threw a little rock at it. He felt horrible and was so upset about the door that I didn't even punish him. He still will not talk about it and does not want me to tell anyone that he did it. I think he is punishing himself enough. We got it fixed today but I'm sure there will be many more broken windows and/or doors to come with 2 boys, though!

Play Date

We went over to my friend Xandi's house and our kids had so much fun playing with each other and our husbands had a great time catching up! Our hubby's have known each other for like 18 years (Man we are old!!) We played at their house and then went to the park to play and ride bikes.

Then we passed on Big Man's pink bike so that her daughter can also learn how to ride a big girl bike!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hospital Pictures

They didn't take hospital pictures like this when the boys were born!!
I can't believe this was almost 3 weeks ago.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life Goes On...

We are slowly getting back into our normally busy life! The kids had their monthly class at the science center this week learning all about colors. They think it is pretty fun having their Dad go with them everywhere right now:)
Last night we went to Glendale Glitters for the last night of the season. It was a lot of fun but there were tons of people. They had a couple of jumpers and slides that the kids enjoyed.
The baby just hung out in the wrap and was wonderful as usual! I had many people staring at my wrap and a couple of older women came up and asked me what I had in there and they were shocked when I showed them it was a baby! I didn't think it was that strange to put your baby in a wrap or a sling but they sure thought it was an unusual way to carry a baby. As long as the baby is happy in there that is where she will be when we go out places. It is a lot easier then pushing a stroller or carrying her!
The kids loved watching them blow up the hot air balloons.
There were maybe 12 hot air balloons all around the park, and those along with all of the lights in the park made it feel pretty magical. I would definitely like to come back again next year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 Weeks

We are still having so much fun with her! She sleeps so good at night, she wakes up to eat a couple of times but goes right back to sleep. At her 2 week appointment on Wednesday she weighed 8lbs 2oz so she is growing too fast for me:( I want her to stay little for a long time.

She just looks around and gives very funny faces that make us all laugh. I'm still not sure who she looks like... but I think she is going to look more like her dad than her brothers. She does look a lot like Little Man did when he was a baby, though, so we will see! Either way I think she is just beautiful and can spend hours just looking at her:) The boys can't keep their hands off of her either and kiss her head constantly. They probably say 100 times a day: Isn't she sooo cute!! I'm definitely enjoying her more than I did either of the boys. With Big Man I had no clue what I was doing and he was an extrememly cranky baby with tummy troubles. He cried a lot and it was very stressful for the first couple of months. With Little Man I had a cranky 1 year old as well and was so busy that I didn't get to enjoy him too much. In fact I really don't remember much of when he was a baby at all! I'm sure before too long it is going to get busy and stressful when hubby goes back to work and I start working again so I'm making sure to enjoy this time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Know It Is The Third Child...

When she is 2 weeks old and is just getting her third bath:) With Big Man he had a bath at least every other day. With Little Man it was probably no more than 3 days, but now I guess I don't even think about it. Do babies really need a bath more than once a week?!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Favorite Things

She had a slightly fussy evening the other night ( I think I drank too much caffeine!!) so I got to use some of her new baby gear and I have to say that I love the Miracle blanket I got for her. I wish I had one with the boys as it really seems to calm her down. After I got her all wrapped up I turned on the womb sounds bear and gave her a pacifier and she finally calmed down and went to sleep. Another item I am really liking is my Moby wrap. I used the baby bjorn with the boys but this seems so much more comfortable and the baby can be put in a couple of different positions.
Hubby is enjoying his time off and having a baby to lay on his chest and cuddle! She does love her daddy too as today when he handed her to me she puckered big time and starting crying as she watched her daddy leave. It was pretty funny.
My random picture from today that I took while driving to Costco. The kids sure got a kick out of watching the dog and I was half amused and half terrified I was going to end up running it over if it fell out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Would Rather Go Through Labor Without Pain Meds Again...

Than to endure another mastitis infection like I have right now. Today has been one of the most painful days of my life, but after 2 doses of medication I think I'm starting to feel better.

On another note...she still has not pooped. 5 Days and counting. The Dr. said I can give her prune juice, I just don't know that I want to do that to a week old baby!

Quote Of The Day

The hubby and both boys were laying next to the baby looking at her and talking...

Big Man: She is so there another baby in Mommy's tummy yet?
Daddy: No
Big Man: When are you going to go to the store and get another baby put in Mommy's tummy?
Daddy: Never, the store is permanently closed never to open again!

He would probably go get snipped tomorrow if I would let him, I'm just not there yet:)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 Days Old

I can't believe it has been 6 days all ready. We are definitely in baby heaven and I'm not biased at all when I say that she is the sweetest, most beautiful and best tempered baby ever:) I'm sure that since I have written this that she will suddenly decide not to be so good, though. But seriously she never cries, she sleeps wonderfully at night in her basinet, wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep! I'm used to being up all night rocking a baby and not having them want to sleep in a basinet or crib for a month.
She had her Dr. appointment yesterday and she weighed 7lbs 9oz, most babies lose weight and don't get back to their birth weight until 2 weeks so she is obviously eating well as she was a couple of ounces above her birth weight at 5 days! She must be absorbing all of her food as she has not pooped in 3 days. The Dr. said some babies only poop once every 7 days so he is not worried at all. It would make me feel a little better if she would just go ahead and poop every day, though!You forget how much a baby sleeps, at times it seems she is never awake. With her loud brothers it is amazing she can sleep at all, but hopefully learning to sleep through the noise now will help her to be a good sleeper later.
She loves her brother all ready! The boys are still enthralled with her as well. They appear to have adjusted well to the baby but there have been a few more tears and tantrums than normal since she has been born. I'm hopeful that in another week or so everything will be back to normal with them. Today the hubby started his one month paternity leave (yes, I know I'm spoiled!!) so we will have lots of time to spend with the boys and are planning on doing some fun stuff so that they don't feel resentful of the baby at all!

They are still finding ways to be adventurous. They were both on this one swing and were trying so hard to flip the swing set over by swinging as high as they could.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Pictures

She was nice and alert yesterday while we were waiting to be discharged from the hospital. I still can't tell who she really looks like, but I don't think she looks too much like either of the boys. A lot of people think that she has my hubby's chin and lips so maybe she will be the first of our kids to resemble him in some way!
The boys can't get enough of her, They just sit and talk to her and kiss her, it is so precious.
Her first car ride! She was very fussy for the first 10 minutes and then fell asleep for 2 hours in her car seat. We just kept her in there when we got home and informed the boys of the rule that you don't move a sleeping baby and they aren't allowed to touch a sleeping baby, ever:)
After she woke up her brothers wanted to hold her again and again!
She doesn't seem to mind. So far she has been a very good baby. She is definitely a Momma's girl, but most babies are I think! She also thinks I make a good pacifier but we are working on that:) She is looking more yellow today so we are going to the Dr. tomorrow to get a bilirubin check just to make sure that it isn't too high. Little Man ended up back in the hospital with jaundice for a few days so I'm being very watchful of her yellowness. Other than that I'm just changing her clothes 2-3 times a day since there are so many cute clothes that I
want to see her in!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

She's Here (Finally!!)

Taylor Kathryn Grace arrived last night at 11:58 p.m. weighing in at 7lbs 7 oz. I just couldn't hold out for midnight to get the first baby of the year! We did get a gift for having the last baby of the year, though, from H&R Block with a bunch of gifts that say: Change me, Feed me, Deduct me. They also took our picture, I'm not sure why but we feel kind of special.
I had a feeling yesterday was going to be the day as I was really crampy and nauseous in the morning and then started having contractions. At 12:45 I took a couple tablespoons of Castor Oil to really get things going and by 1:15 I was having good contractions every 5 minutes. They continued every 4-5 minutes until about 7:30 when I decided to go the hospital. It took over 2 hours to get through the E.R., registration and triage so I'm glad I went while the pain was still tolerable. I finally got into my room at 10:15 and my midwife was all ready here. I was dilated to 5 and then she broke my water. I labored in the tub until 11:54 when she came in to check me and said your dilated to 9.5 and you have 6 minutes to get the baby out for the new year! As soon as I heard that instead of getting out of the tub and going to the bed, when the next contraction came I was so relieved to get to push I pushed her out in one push while still in the tub (there was very little water in it.) Needless to say everyone was in shock including myself:)
My contractions were very painful but I had nice breaks in between them up until the last 15 minutes of labor so I feel very lucky as I know that the labor could have been a lot worse (as Little Man's was: 6 hours of hard labor in the tub.) The poor baby came out so fast, though, that she is all bruised on her face:( I think she is still beautiful and am so glad that she is here.