Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready For Halloween!

The kids had a fun filled day over at my Mom's today. Here they are making cookies.
Then of course they had to sample them!

My nephew is getting so big and he is so happy now (finally...we were a little worried for a while!!)
My hubby did the honors of cutting the pumpkins after he made us a wonderful steak dinner.
Getting his design just right...
And here are the finished products. This is a nice bat pumpkin.
And here is a nice winking pumpkin. They look very cool when they are lit up. We also had Big Man's parent teacher conference today and he is doing so well in school! His lowest grades are in music and art, go figure:)
Of course the baby had to spend some time terrorizing her cousin! At least he thought it was funny as she is trying to poke him in the eye and putting her fingers in his mouth. She had her final day of testing with the cardiologist yesterday and her heart is perfect.We don't have to go back for an entire year, hurray! I don't think there is anything harder than trying to get a baby to lay still for test after test.

Now I need to get working on their costumes for tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So...we are still alive but I still don't feel well. It has been 11 day and I just want to get better! Big Man still has a terrible cough, and the baby is extremely cranky, coughing and wheezing. I don't think it is the flu, but it is definitely something nasty. Somehow my hubby and Little Man escaped the illness and I am very glad about that. Taking care of the two and myself has been enough.
Moving on now, if you look closely you can see the baby's first two teeth on the bottom. They are the most crooked teeth I have ever seen on a baby!
Her hair is growing so fast now and is very curly. Poor baby...crooked teeth and curly hair. Well, at least she has pretty blue eyes:) (No offense to anyone with curly hair, but I have curly hair and HATE it!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fever And The Police

This is what a 104.3 fever looks like...he has been sick ever since coming home from school Friday. At first I thought it was the flu with the sudden cough and high fever but now I'm pretty sure it is croup. We went to see the Nurse Practitioner on Saturday because he was having a hard time breathing and he has been taking steroids and getting breathing treatments and seems to be breathing a little better tonight. He normally hates being touched and will probably deny it, but the last couple of days he has only slept if he was holding hubby's hand. It was so sweet. Hubby was so good and has stayed up with him the last couple of nights taking care of him. I'm really hoping for no more fever tomorrow, 3 days is enough!!
Thankfully he didn't get sick before he had the letter C show and tell. He had to go and outdo every other kid and bring real cop cars. He was also able to get the best looking officer there is to come and talk with them as well:)
The kids were so excited. They were pushing every button, talking into the loudspeaker and making the siren go. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on!
So, do you think he will be in the front seat in the future...
or the back seat. We aren't too sure ourselves!
The class put on their little badges and wanted to get their picture with the officers.
We also had to inform them that this is not the way that we ever want to see them on a police car!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Sock Day

It wasn't enough to wear one pair of crazy socks, but he wanted to wear two different socks as well. He is still loving school and I found out today that he has signed up to do cartwheels in the talent show on Friday. Seems everyone at school knew as well as the other parents, but not me! We will see if he actually goes through with it, but he is practicing and excited:) When I was going through his backpack tonight I also noticed he got his first love note from a girl. It was a pink heart with his name and then name of the girl that wrote it...totally cute, he was very proud.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Man Is 4

We had our family and neighbor kids over on Sunday for a little party. My hubby's cousin has a party company and brought over his bouncer for the kids to play in. They were so worn out by the end of the night which was wonderful!
My little nephew isn't looking so much like a baby anymore.

Kissing cousins
He was so embarassed when we were singing to him, but he finally got over his embarassment enough to blow out his candles.
She loves chocolate cake as well!
For the morning of his actual birthday I made him chocolate chip waffles and we sang to him again. You can never have too much birthday:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Manners Tea Party

Here are the Kindergartners lining up for their big entrance! They were so excited to get to dress up for school instead of having to wear their uniforms.
The next pictures came out terrible because it was too dark and I was too far away, but I still think they are precious. I wish I had my video camera there it was that cute to watch. Big Man and his girl were the first to come in. He walked her to her chair and didn't seem to mind or get embarrassed that there were 15 adults standing there videotaping and taking pictures!
He pulled her chair out for her and scooted her in and then handed her the napkin and sat next to her. That repeated 3 more times until all of the kids were seated.
We adults served the kids and they mostly used their proper manners (please and thank you.)
It was obvious they had been practicing and they were so proud! Isn't their jungle room so cute.
One thing I really like about this school is that they teach traditional manners where boys are always expected to open the door and escort the ladies. Big Man came home from school a couple of weeks ago and told me that he had to run an errand for the teacher with one of the girls in his class. He was telling me that it was his job as the boy to protect her and make sure nothing happened! I thought it was so cute. I think our society is severely lacking in Gentleman and I hope that my boys will be Gentleman and take care of their ladies:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy Week

This past 10 days have just flown by, too bad we weren't doing anything exciting! Hubby decided he absolutely does not want any more kids, and so he had minor surgery on his male parts last Monday to be sure about that. So, I to listen to him moan, groan and whine for a few days...personally I think it should have been more painful so that he could have a small glimpse of labor pain. Speaking of labor, I am very happy I won't be having to go through that again:)
I have also been working more than I have in years and that is wiping me out. I am supposed to be on the computer approximately 32 hours/week until the end of October and then I will go back down to about 10, whew! Otherwise just keeping up with Big Man's school activities is taking up the rest of my time. I never did blog about his green eggs and ham party that was a lot of fun, but today they had a manners tea that was so precious. I will hopefully post pictures of that tomorrow.
The baby also got her second tooth today. I had forgotten (or blocked out) how much I love teething babies *eye roll*. I don't know why she finds it necessary to let me know 4-5 times every night that she is teething, but she does. As much as I do enjoy the extra cuddling I am extremely tired and I do hope that she will let me sleep tonight because I have a lot of work to do around the house. My Little Man is turning 4 and we are having the family over this weekend to celebrate. He is so excited because Hubby's cousin is bringing over his bounce house, Yeah:)
Now that the weather is turning so beautiful we are spending more time outside. The baby loves going out in the wagon and of course loves being with her cousin as well.
We didn't even plan their cute orange outfits or to bring hats!