Friday, February 26, 2010

Work Work Work

I have been working part-time solely from home for the last couple of years, but I recently got the bug to go back to working out in the world with people again instead of just a computer. Nothing against my kids but I also needed to get away for a few hours to talk with people who aren't going to whine and cry in the middle of every conversation:)

I thought it would take some time to find a job but within a week of me sending my resume to about 10 companies I got hired on with 4. I am a per diem employee and they call me and ask if I want to take a case. It is a very flexible job in that I can go visit the people anytime I want.

I did end up telling one of the companies I wasn't interested because they did not fully approve of me bringing the kids into the office to turn in my paperwork whereas the other three said it was not a problem at all. I have only been getting cases from 2 companies so far and have been a little busier than I anticipated! I am hoping to complete around 10 visits per week total for now.

I have a family friend coming over and watching the kids Monday mornings for me, my sister is going to watch them on Wednesday mornings and then my hubby is home Fri, Sat and Sun if I need to make more visits. I am still doing my internet job at home which is about 10 hours a week but will be going to about 25 hours in a couple of weeks so I am going to be very busy, but so far I am really enjoying it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One Year Olds...

Either I have forgotten how difficult the boys were at this age, or Little Missy is way worse than they were! I'm pretty sure I have just blocked it out, though. She has been so much work for the last couple of months. I'm pretty sure a lot of her problem has been her teeth and she keeps getting sick. In the past 2 weeks alone she has had one head cold and a stomach virus twice!
It sure is a good thing she is so cute and cuddly sometimes to make up for it:) Anyways I am 200% sure that I do not want anymore kids and am very glad that my hubby decided to get fixed months ago even though I wasn't positive I wanted him to. He told me I would thank him someday and I do:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beach Day

This month the science center class was called a day at the beach. They learned about sand and dug for sea shells.
Then they discussed fresh water and salt water and played sink or float with both and discussed the differences in buoyancy (for 4 year olds they really seemed to understand the topic quite well suprisingly!)
Then they learned about difference sea creatures and got to look at some in the tank.
They were able to hold a sea urchin, sea star and some crabs.
He is finally used to going to events without his brother, although he still misses him terribly. He is counting down the days until Big Man will be home everyday this summer to play with him!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open House

Big Man had open house night at his school. He had to complete a Bible project and the older kids had a science fair. He decided to recreate the Israelites crossing the red sea. The Israelites are the colorful people and the Egyptian army is portrayed by little army men. He wanted the army men to be under water in the middle of the sea with signs that said "help me." I told him I wasn't sure everyone else would think that was as funny as we did!
When we were there are little girl came up to me and told me another little girl in the class was in love with my son. I just laughed and then on the way home I asked Big Man if he knew that the girl loved him and he said Oh Yeah, but I'm not really sure yet if I love her though. We were trying so hard not to laugh! I told him that's o.k. he isn't allowed to love a girl until he is 30 other than his mom and sister:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Little Man is constantly asking me if he looks like someone and tells me to take his picture. Here is was asking if he looked like a soccer player.
Here he was asking if he looked like a pretty princess:) His brother had been teasing him all week that he looked like a pretty princess and Little Man was getting mad. Then all of a sudden he wrapped himself up in his sisters curtains and decided it was o.k. to look like a princess LOL!