Monday, November 9, 2009

Rest of Halloween

I know...finally I'm getting around to posting the rest of the Halloween pictures. Here is Big Man and his costume for Awanas. Anyone guess what Bible character he is? If you guessed Goliath you are correct. I told him Goliath was not a nice Bible character and he certainly wasn't a hero, but that was who he wanted to be. I think he looked pretty good! His blood looked redder in real life.
The obligatory pictures before trick or treating.
The girls were both little ladybugs, but the baby's antenna's would not stay up.
The following is why niece is never happy to see the baby! My little girl is forever poking her cousins in the eye.
Ready to trick or treat!
They had a great time and got tons of candy. The only thing they wanted to eat were chips and a piece of gum when they were done, though. That night at about midnight Little Man woke me up crying at midnight and was upset and said he didn't know why. So, I was just laying with him when he sat up and threw up on me! I would have blamed the candy except he didn't eat any. Anyways, we had the stomach flu pass through and now we have another cold or allergies passing through right now. I have not felt normal in over 3 weeks! I have bought every supplement that is suppose to boost the immune system and am hoping I don't get sick again for a while because I have a lot to catch up on!

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