Monday, November 24, 2008

Warning: May Be Offensive To Some!!!

The kids went on their first hunting trip today with their Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle! (No the gun is not loaded in this picture I have been told!)
This is the first time they shot a gun that was not a BB gun.
They think they are pretty cool now.
The kills of the day. Daddy shot them, though, not the kids. Big Man especially was so proud of the squirrels and had to be forced to wash the blood off of his hands when he got home.
Bon Appetite. Nothing like BBQ'd squirrel, or so I have been told as I would not try it. The kids really did like it though.


Lorie said...

Squirrel! Yum! ;D

Lise said...

Holy cow! I can't believe they tried it! Good for them! My preggo tummy can't even handle chicken right now, so there will be no squirrel in my diet. :o)

Thanks for the congratulations! I hear congrats are in order for you, too! Three kiddos - I can't even imagine! You sure do make cute ones though!

FYI - I heard from a nurse that my hubby works with that preggos are allowed up to 16 Tums per day. She actually rationed out 16 tablets into a little baggie every morning! That's not sounding like such a bad idea...