Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cowboys and Indians

I woke the kids from their nap yesterday (notice the hair!!) to carve pumpkins. I had them carved all ready I just wanted them to clean them out and then think that they carved them. They messed around with the knives for a few minutes and then I stuck my hand in the pumpkin to pop out the face pieces and they thought they did such a good job. Neither one of them would help to clean out the pumpkins, though.
Aren't they cute little cowboys, and aren't those such good looking pumpkins too!
We talked Daddy into getting dressed up with us. It didn't last long, though, and he changed back into regular clothes.
Little Mimi looked so cute in her pink leopard outfit too.

After we went trick or treating in my Mom's neighborhood we came home and some of their friends came over to play for a little bit and to bring more candy. Being a holiday I let them play until about 10 and then made them go to bed. It was a very fun evening!

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Lorie said...

You all look very cute! I hope you had a great Halloween! (and my kids wouldn't touch pumpkin goo until last year, so my son was 6 before he would do it! You would think boys would love the goop!!)