Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Green Tractor and the Zoo

We went to the zoo last week and I am so impressed with what they have done to the farm. It was closed when we were there a couple of weeks ago and they have done a lot of work. There was grass where dirt use to be and there are better toys and the playground is shaded now!
My Little Man sure does love his cousin and she loves him too. He was more than happy to share a tractor with her! I can see him in a few years singing to a girl riding on one of his tractors: I'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor, we can go slow...

They have a cow in there now that you can milk and water squirts out. Big Man talked for the rest of the day how he could milk with 2 hands. That was my favorite part of the zoo. I'm not sure why but I just think a milking cow is cool...maybe it is because I feel we have a lot in common as I feel like a milk cow most days:)

My niece reminds me of a posing model in this picture. She is too cute and very photogenic when she wants to be, the boys not so much usually!

My sister took this picture and told me: See they really do love each other. It is nice to have pictures where they look so nice and loving with each other, since most days it is the complete opposite when they are together. I will say that they are getting along much better lately so maybe there is hope for them!

My nephew just cracks me up all the time. He always has this big smile and the most hilarious laugh. You just can sit and laugh together, then he spits up everywhere and laughs some more:)

The baby obviously didn't do anything cute or funny since I have no pictures of her at the zoo. She just hung out and took in the sights. She has a few teeth working their way in right now and is not sleeping well and is just generally cranky. She did have her check up this week and she weighs 21.7 pounds and is in the 50% for weight. I can't remember her height but she is only in the 25th percentile for height. Her head is in the 95%, but with her mound of curls it looks even bigger:)

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David always sings the big green tractor song!!!!!!