Friday, January 29, 2010


Way too early on Saturday mornings you will find us at basketball practice. Big Man is in the white shirt with his arm up after just shooting (he has great form doesn't he!!) He is surprisingly good considering he has never played before and he is having a great time which is really all that matters:)
I sit on the side and hope that watching her brother will keep her occupied for an hour.
She enjoys watching for about 5 minutes and then wants to be entertained and chased all over the gym.
Little Man is doing gymnastics since he isn't quite old enough for basketball and enjoys showing off his stellar somersaults.
Again, she will only watch about 5 minutes and then I have to take her outside to spare everyone's ears from her loud screaming that takes place when she is bored!
She loves being outside and will just wander around trying to eat whatever she can find. Maybe someday I will actually get to sit and enjoy watching the boys:)

Thankfully she is much better and much happier and can you believe she turns 13 months on Sunday!

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