Friday, October 31, 2008

29 Weeks

Had my 29 week check-up yesterday. I have gained 27 pounds and the baby is big for size. When the midwife actully took the first measurement she said Oh this can't be right she is measuring way too big. She measured again and it came down a couple of days, but I just have big babies! She weighs almost 4 lbs all ready. She worked for about 45 minutes to get some good 4D shots and this was about the best. The baby was right behind the placents so it blurred her features a bit and she liked having both hands and a foot right by her face. It is a little hard to distinguish in the picture, but that is her leg and her foot is resting on her forehead. She is basically in the same position that she was in at 21 weeks and that picture is HERE
Here is my big belly.

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