Sunday, May 3, 2009

Girlie Girl

I do hope she wants to be a girlie girl because it is so much fun dressing her up! I got my new camera so of course I spent the day taking pictures, mostly of her because she is just so cute:)

The boys think she needs to wear a dress, shoes and jewelry every day. They fight over picking out her dress and it is usually a fancy dress:)

She is getting to be a lot of fun. She is awake a lot more and loves attention. She is also trying to talk and likes to stick out her tongue.

She rolled over once, but she hardly lays down except to sleep so I don't know how good she is at rolling over and I'm not encouraging it. I like her staying in one place.

Here is her napping spot on the couch. I couldn't possibly lay her down in the bedroom where I can't see her, so she sleeps on the couch:) When she gets tired I just lay her down and she will watch the boys for a while and nap, wake up and watch and then nap some more. She is definitely a keeper!


Lise said...

OH MY GOSH! How stinkin' cute is she??? Hey, if Collin's into older women, maybe there could be a future for him and your little one... :o)

ChristineG said...

What a beauty! Poor Frank. Poor, poor Frank. At least he has a couple big brothers to help him out.