Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy Week

This past 10 days have just flown by, too bad we weren't doing anything exciting! Hubby decided he absolutely does not want any more kids, and so he had minor surgery on his male parts last Monday to be sure about that. So, I to listen to him moan, groan and whine for a few days...personally I think it should have been more painful so that he could have a small glimpse of labor pain. Speaking of labor, I am very happy I won't be having to go through that again:)
I have also been working more than I have in years and that is wiping me out. I am supposed to be on the computer approximately 32 hours/week until the end of October and then I will go back down to about 10, whew! Otherwise just keeping up with Big Man's school activities is taking up the rest of my time. I never did blog about his green eggs and ham party that was a lot of fun, but today they had a manners tea that was so precious. I will hopefully post pictures of that tomorrow.
The baby also got her second tooth today. I had forgotten (or blocked out) how much I love teething babies *eye roll*. I don't know why she finds it necessary to let me know 4-5 times every night that she is teething, but she does. As much as I do enjoy the extra cuddling I am extremely tired and I do hope that she will let me sleep tonight because I have a lot of work to do around the house. My Little Man is turning 4 and we are having the family over this weekend to celebrate. He is so excited because Hubby's cousin is bringing over his bounce house, Yeah:)
Now that the weather is turning so beautiful we are spending more time outside. The baby loves going out in the wagon and of course loves being with her cousin as well.
We didn't even plan their cute orange outfits or to bring hats!

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