Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fever And The Police

This is what a 104.3 fever looks like...he has been sick ever since coming home from school Friday. At first I thought it was the flu with the sudden cough and high fever but now I'm pretty sure it is croup. We went to see the Nurse Practitioner on Saturday because he was having a hard time breathing and he has been taking steroids and getting breathing treatments and seems to be breathing a little better tonight. He normally hates being touched and will probably deny it, but the last couple of days he has only slept if he was holding hubby's hand. It was so sweet. Hubby was so good and has stayed up with him the last couple of nights taking care of him. I'm really hoping for no more fever tomorrow, 3 days is enough!!
Thankfully he didn't get sick before he had the letter C show and tell. He had to go and outdo every other kid and bring real cop cars. He was also able to get the best looking officer there is to come and talk with them as well:)
The kids were so excited. They were pushing every button, talking into the loudspeaker and making the siren go. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on!
So, do you think he will be in the front seat in the future...
or the back seat. We aren't too sure ourselves!
The class put on their little badges and wanted to get their picture with the officers.
We also had to inform them that this is not the way that we ever want to see them on a police car!

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