Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open House

Big Man had open house night at his school. He had to complete a Bible project and the older kids had a science fair. He decided to recreate the Israelites crossing the red sea. The Israelites are the colorful people and the Egyptian army is portrayed by little army men. He wanted the army men to be under water in the middle of the sea with signs that said "help me." I told him I wasn't sure everyone else would think that was as funny as we did!
When we were there are little girl came up to me and told me another little girl in the class was in love with my son. I just laughed and then on the way home I asked Big Man if he knew that the girl loved him and he said Oh Yeah, but I'm not really sure yet if I love her though. We were trying so hard not to laugh! I told him that's o.k. he isn't allowed to love a girl until he is 30 other than his mom and sister:)

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