Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apple Picking

The kids stayed the night at my Father in Laws, aka far away Grandpa, with their cousins and when we went to pick them up today we decided to take the kids to pick apples at the orchard since we were all ready half way there.
Although it was still a little hot, it was beautiful. When you are driving in it is hard to imagine that there really is an orchard in the middle of the desert.
The apple crop was not the best this year so Daddy and Far Away Grandpa had to work hard to get the good apples and pears.
The kids thought it was pretty cool that there were cows roaming through the orchard, they are hard to see but they are behind the trees.
The apples and pears and the hard workers! It was pretty funny because after we had a decent amount of fruit I looked through the box and realized that my neice had been taking one bite out of all of the fruit she had been putting into the box! I guess she wanted to make sure that it tasted o.k.!
Of course we had to come home and get out our peeler/slicer/corer thing. All of the fruit tastes great and tomorrow we are making apple cobbler. If I can find the energy we will probably make applesause this week too.

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