Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Space Center

Yesterday we took the kids to the space center for their monthly preschool class. Since Little Man is almost 3 I decided to sign him up for the preschool classes we do this month. He really did well and he was so excited to be able to go!
First thing we did was a simulated space flight. Then they went back to the classroom and learned about Mercury. Big Man just had to go and prove how smart he was! When the teacher asked what planet we live on he said Arizona. Then later she asked what was the difference between two sets of planets she was holding up and he raised his hand and said It was raining when we left our house! All righty then, I don't really get it:) It continued today when in the middle of reading a book during storytime at the library he raised his hand to tell the teacher he got new shoes. He use to know how to pay attention and answer correctly but I guess we are digressing at the moment!
Of course there was singing and dancing about all of the planets!
Then arts and crafts time where they made a sun with a solar flare and a diagram of the solar system.

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The Gerdes Family said...

I love his answers! Haha!

I wish we had more resources like that up here! P LOVES space stuff!