Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conversation Overheard At Breakfast...

Big Man: When I grow up I'm going to go with my wife to the hospital when she has her babies.

Little Man: Me too, I want LOTS of babies.

Big Man: I want 3 babies, in my wife's tummy at the same time.

Little Man: I want 4 babies.

Big Man: I'm going to go with my wife to the baby store and get the baby seat.

Little Man: Me too.

Big Man: I'm never going to tell my kids when they have to go to bed, they can go to bed whenever they want. I'm going to let them have ice cream for breakfast and I'm never going to send them to their room when they are naughty. I'm just going to stare.

Little Man: Me too.


Lorie said...

Bwahahaha! They are too cute! I love listening to little people conversations.

viatorassociates said...

Hi Angie, I just set up google account so I could respond to your postings. They are so funny and I love the things they say.-Faraway Grandma