Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Pictures

She was nice and alert yesterday while we were waiting to be discharged from the hospital. I still can't tell who she really looks like, but I don't think she looks too much like either of the boys. A lot of people think that she has my hubby's chin and lips so maybe she will be the first of our kids to resemble him in some way!
The boys can't get enough of her, They just sit and talk to her and kiss her, it is so precious.
Her first car ride! She was very fussy for the first 10 minutes and then fell asleep for 2 hours in her car seat. We just kept her in there when we got home and informed the boys of the rule that you don't move a sleeping baby and they aren't allowed to touch a sleeping baby, ever:)
After she woke up her brothers wanted to hold her again and again!
She doesn't seem to mind. So far she has been a very good baby. She is definitely a Momma's girl, but most babies are I think! She also thinks I make a good pacifier but we are working on that:) She is looking more yellow today so we are going to the Dr. tomorrow to get a bilirubin check just to make sure that it isn't too high. Little Man ended up back in the hospital with jaundice for a few days so I'm being very watchful of her yellowness. Other than that I'm just changing her clothes 2-3 times a day since there are so many cute clothes that I
want to see her in!


Lise said...

What a little beauty! Your boys look just smitten with her. Too cute!!!

Babs said...

That's how it goes the girls look like daddy!

Xandi said...

Yay, more pictures! Okay, I'm retracting my comment about her looking like Carter. She definitely has her own sweet look. Keep the pictures coming :)).

Lorie said...

She is gorgeous! And the boys look so sweet holding her!! She is lucky to have two big brothers!

And a New Years Eve Birthday is SO much more fun than A New Years Day birthday!

Just the Four of Us said...

She is so beautiful! What a little doll!