Friday, March 27, 2009

12 Weeks

She loves her bumbo and enjoys sitting in it as well as her highchair and just watching me or her brothers. She went to the Dr. today for a check up and she weighs 14lbs and 2 oz. She is in the 95% for weight and her head size and 50% for her height. I try not to take it personally when hubby says that she obviously didn't get her body shape from him:) She is smiley and generally happy as long as she is not in her car seat or overly tired. She has also finally figured out how to poop. In the last 3 days she has pooped 7 times! I'm kind of hoping that she will go back to hardly pooping as it was so nice not having to change dirty diapers more than once a week. She is still sleeping great at night but I still haven't moved her to her room yet:) It is so much fun now that she is getting a personality and becoming more aware of everything. Her brothers still think she is the greatest and I can't wait to see them play together when she gets a little older.

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