Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I can't believe he is 5 allready. Overall it has gone by so fast. The first 3 months of his life were so long that I never imagined I would even live to see him reach 5, but thankfully he got a lot easier:)It is hard to believe he was this small. I went into the hospital one day before I was 36 weeks pregnant with preeclampsia. After 3 days of inducing I finally went into labor and from the beinning of labor until he came out was just over 2 hours! I don't remember much of it since they were giving me drugs to go to sleep since the nurse did not really believe I was in labor. After I told her he was coming out and that I was pushing she finally called the midwife. My mom basically delivered him as the midwife arrived after his head was all ready out!I think he pretty much cried for the first couple of months and had horrible reflux and spitting up. This was one of his rare smiles at this age. He was so cute! He looks a lot like his baby sister with brown eyes in this picture to me.At about 3 months things got a lot easier. He spit up until he was 14 months old, but started sleeping 12 hours every night at 11 weeks which made the days a lot easier to handle! He loved his daddy at this age and would be content just laying on his chest for hours. Now he is a big boy who knows it all. He is so excited to go to kindergarten next year, and doesn't seem sad at all that he is going to be leaving me every day:(
I let him choose where he wanted to go today and of course he chose Chuck E Cheese. I have had him on a gluten free diet for 2 years and decided last week to take him off of it. If his ulcers or stomach issues return I will put him back on the diet, but for now I want him to enjoy being a kid and eating what everyone else eats. So...anyways today was the first time having normal pizza that he can remember and he loved it. He had at least 5 pieces and thought it was the best thing he had ever eaten! So far he hasn't had any problems so I hope that continues.
Chuck E Cheese is his little brothers favorite place to go too.
I think both of his uncles think it is fun too.
Little Mimi wasn't too into the rides yet, but liked frosting.The baby spent most of the time sleeping, but did spend some time sitting on my sisters big belly telling her little cousin to hurry up and come out.

Then gave my Dad some strange looks like she wasn't sure who he was or what he was doing! Overall it was a very fun time but I do hope that Little Man chooses something different for his birthday:)

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