Sunday, December 27, 2009

Catching Up

Since I'm sure all of my loyal followers have been wondering what I have been up to in my exciting life, I'm going to do a quick recap of the last few weeks. We went to the light parade. The kids had a blast with their friend Payson and we froze while looking at the lights!
My dog got an ear infection and a terrible sore on her face (you can kind of see it below her ear). You wouldn't think that having to give a dog three medications twice per day would be a big deal, but it was not very easy to do...
Big Man had his Christmas concert and sang a few songs
and played hand bells (they were sooo cute).
Then the baby got croup and an ear infection. Her breathing got so bad she had to get a steroid breathing treatment and then take them by mouth as well. Obviously she enjoys her breathing treatments.
Big Man had his class party and Santa came to visit. Little Man was in heaven that day because he got to hang out with the class for the entire day and do whatever they did. Here he is telling Santa he wanted a dinosaur for Christmas (and he got one).
Here is Big Man telling Santa he wanted Rocky the Robot truck (which he also got!) My boys both totally believe in Santa.
They had a little gift exchange.
and decorated Gingerbread houses.
Then we had a party at my MIL's house for my Hubby's, nieces and the baby's birthday.
Here is the baby grabbing the hot candle.
She was not interested in playing with or eating the cake no matter how hard her Daddy tried!
The next night we were at my FIL's house. These are just some of the kids cousins!
Four generations with my hubby's Dad and Grandmother. Too bad none of my kids look happy at all:)
Christmas Eve we went to a candlelight service and then to my hubby's Grandma's house. Yes, my baby is walking all over!
Christmas morning she looked like a little Miss Clause showing off her teeth. She just got two more of them last week...needless to say her sleep has been hit or miss that past week which only adds to my exhaustion!
She loved her first Christmas, though, and I hope everyone had as good of a time as we did.
So between all of the events that we were involved in, the present shopping, wrapping and putting together my daughters kitchen (by myself and it did take forever) cookie making and craft doing it has been a very busy month. No chance of relaxing this week either because I'm trying to take the boys to do some fun things while Big Man is off from school this week. I think we will be going rollerskating, seeing the 3-D shark movie at the Science Center, going to the zoo and playing at the park if anyone wants to come with us!


Lise said...

Holy cow - you've been busy! Glad to hear your little one recovered from her croup. That sounds lousy! The last picture of her is absolutely priceless - she's such a cutie! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Enjoy the rest of Big Man's time off!

Xandi said...

Okay, too funny..Santa is Daryl's uncle Tom Kartler. I just showed him and he said that he knew he was playing Santa this year. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!