Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread Day

Gingerbread Man Missing (originally posted on school blog)

Middle school teacher the likely culprit…
Gingerbread Man Day is a time-honored tradition, one that the kindergarten class participates in every year. This year, on Wednesday, December 9, that tradition was forever altered when the main star of the show, Mr. Gingerbread Man himself, went missing halfway through the festivities. Kindergartners began the day by making small gingerbread men – rolling the dough, cutting the cookies, and preparing them for baking.
I don't have any pictures of Big Man cutting out his cookies but I thought his best friend was a cute replacement!
They also created a giant gingerbread man as a class by giving him yummy, decorative details such as licorice hair and candy buttons.
Then they left their gingerbread man in the classroom while they went to recess. Upon their return to class, the students were shocked to discover that the gingerbread man was nowhere to be found, and so they set out to hunt down the whereabouts of “Gingy” and bring him back to his rightful place. The students searched everywhere, sometimes finding a trail of crumbs that would lead them to their next destination. Upon searching the art room, the Principal's office, the playground, and numerous classrooms, they finally had an encouraging tip from 5th grade, who saw Gingy make his way to the 6th grade room.
When he was questioned, he seemed hesitant to give the kindergartners information, but they finally extracted the next clue from him by learning that Gingy had made his way to the 7th grade room.
The kindergartners were shocked to discover that Gingy had indeed been discovered by the 7th grade teacher – who promptly bit off one of Gingy’s legs. When questioned about the incident, he responded, “He just looked so delicious; I couldn’t help myself!” Nevertheless, the kindergartners triumphantly returned Gingy to their classroom, missing leg and all. Rumor has it that kindergartners might be pressing charges against him to serve lunch detention, but reports are not yet conclusive.Here’s hoping the rest of Gingerbread Man Day went a little more smoothly.

The kids had a fabulous day filled with all sorts of Gingerbread crafts and fun. They also thought it was hilarious that they got to bust in to all the classrooms and offices searching for the Gingerbread! I just love his school:)

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Lise said...

That is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!! I love his school, too! :o)