Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I wasn't sure they were going to be able to get a picture where all three kids were looking at the camera with a decent smile, but they did! My boys are sooo hard to take pictures of now. So if I were going to send out Christmas cards (which I probably won't get around to) this would be the picture, so pretend I mailed it to you and enjoy the picture and Merry Christmas:)The baby was wonderful for the pictures.
She just kept smiling and laughing and was her usual sweet self. Sometimes I still can't believe I have a little girl, especially one as cute as her! I'm not at all biased...
She quit smiling for Santa, though. I guess he is kind of a scary looking guy for a baby:)

We are getting into the holiday spirit around here. We went to zoo lights last week which was fantastic as always. This week is the light parade and gingerbread house making. If you haven't tried the Dairy Queen candy cane blizzard you really should, it will definitely put you in the holiday mood. I think I am addicted, is it weird to think about a blizzard all day long??!!

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