Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Scenes From Christmas

My cousin works for a large company in their airport hanger taking care of the corporate planes. On holidays they let them bring family in to play on them so my Dad took the kids on Christmas day to see them. Here they are walking up to the airport. Ever the Gentleman, Little Man loves helping his cousin whenever he can!

I was not there, but from what I understand this is the newest plane that only cost a mere 40 mil or something!
Hanging out on the wing.
Big Man said it was a little scary up there!
They thought it was "totally awesome" that they got to sit in the cockpit.
Wish they had seats like this on the planes I ride in.
Checking out the outside.
After they all had to sit in a tree, I thought some of these were pretty funny so I had to include them.
It looks like he sat on a branch the wrong way or something!!!
At least Little Man looks relaxed compared to the other two:)

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The Burtch's said...

Those tree pics are so funny. When the boys were over and we were playing in the backyard they asked to sit in every tree and wanted me to take their picture:)