Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beach Day

This month the science center class was called a day at the beach. They learned about sand and dug for sea shells.
Then they discussed fresh water and salt water and played sink or float with both and discussed the differences in buoyancy (for 4 year olds they really seemed to understand the topic quite well suprisingly!)
Then they learned about difference sea creatures and got to look at some in the tank.
They were able to hold a sea urchin, sea star and some crabs.
He is finally used to going to events without his brother, although he still misses him terribly. He is counting down the days until Big Man will be home everyday this summer to play with him!


Babs said...

Oliver brings it up all the time that he wants to go to school because Julia talks about it.

Emily said...

I am dreading summer break. Now that she is used to being completely structured all day, when she is home I have to be on my A game or she complains all day long.