Wednesday, June 18, 2008

10 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 10 weeks pregnant. I ordered a doppler and got it in the mail today and got to hear the heartbeat! The kids were waiting for the baby to talk, though, they don't quite get what the big deal is about listening to the heart beat. Big Man's picks for names this week include Treedog and Doghouse. Not quite sure what his dog obsession is. When he refers to the baby he also always says Our baby. According to him it is definitely not just Mommy's and Daddy's baby:)


Xandi said...

I LOVED having my doppler. I will definitely rent one the third time around. It just puts your mind at ease and keeps you from wondering if everything is okay.

The Gerdes Family said...

10 weeks! That's great! As for names, I like "Alligator" the best.