Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swimming Has Begun

Do you think they are a little excited???

We swim at the city pool in the summer, I do think we live by one of the best city pools around as they have a full sized toddler pool that is 2.5 feet deep that the kids love to play in. This summer they raised the rates for lessons, though. I had to pay $48 for both kids to have lessons every day for a month. Last month it was only $24 for the month! Oh well, I still think that is a steal. So if you want to know where we are every afternoon from 4-5:30 we are at the pool!


Xandi said...

I need to look into the city for that. We hired a private lady from craigslist who was supposed to go to my inlaws and give each kid a 30 min private lesson once a week for $30 each time. Which is a really good deal. Well she never showed, called, e-mailed..nothing. Tatum was pretty upset and so was I for driving all the way over there just to wait.

Emily said...

You are lucky. Out here it is 50$ for one week only and Hope learned nothing after two weeks. We might try the next city over next time:)