Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swimming Update

I think my kids are finally getting the hang of swimming. This is our 4th week of swimming just about every day, only 2 more to go (Yea!!). Yesterday Bigman floated all by himself, he even laid himself back a couple of times and put himself into the float position. It was pretty exciting since I didn't think he was ever going to learn how to do it! Both kids are able to swim approximately 5 feet unassisted. Their teachers say they are definitely swimming even though they look a little funny and don't move very far. I guess their definition of swimming is just being able to be under water while moving your arms and legs at the same time. Every day they do seem to get a little bit better and we have lots of fun while we practice. I have a feeling, though, that I am going to have to chop off my hair after this summer with all of the chlorine it has been exposed to:(

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