Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Trip To The Zoo

I decided to take the kids to the wildlife zoo, by myself, and we had a really good time. Everyone behaved and it wasn't terribly overwhelming so I will have to start taking all of them out more often. The baby was in her stroller for about as long as it took me to take this picture, the rest of the time I had her in my wrap as she was much happier in there.
Waiting for the train...

Obviously doing my hair and makeup is not at the top of the priority list lately:)

This is the kids 3rd time to the new aquarium there, but they still love the touch tanks there.

There are also a lot of cool fish.

More touch tanks.

And the best touch tank, the sting rays! We won't be going back again for a long time since my membership is up soon and the memberships are more than twice what they were last year so hopefully they will remember this visit for a while:)


Lorie said...

How fun! And you look great! You have some beautiful kiddos!

That baby girl is growing up too fast!

Xandi said...

I still see a ton of Carter in her. We are going the first week in March. Corbin's class is having a field trip there and he will be free and the three of us will be $38 total, so I couldn't pass that up.