Sunday, February 15, 2009


We have a pretty boring house with lots of browns and tans so we decided to go very bold with the bathroom. We let the kids paint where the vanity and toilet are going to go and now they think they are professional painters and want to paint everything!


Xandi said...

Gotta love a red bathroom. Just be warned, that when the kids wash their hands or water gets on the walls from going to dry the water off (for example), it will leave water drip marks that are noticable until you wipe them off (hope that makes sense).

Lise said...

I've been a terrible blogger! We've been so busy getting the nursery ready (and working and living, etc.). We really bit off more than we could chew! I've been taking pictures along the way, so someday I'll get around to blogging again.

The belly is definitely getting bigger, but I'm really not too big/uncomfortable yet. I think I'm lucky considering I'll be 7 months next week!

carchica said...

WE should have had them over to paint our house! I'm sure they would have done a fabulous job:)