Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pinewood Derby

It definitely must be a guy thing as I had never heard of a pinewood derby car before last week. I guess they are a pretty big deal, though. They have pinewood derby races every year for Awanas and of course the boys wanted to do it. That night after announcing it my hubby pulled out his pinewood derby car he had made with his Grandpa when he was 9 and told the boys all about it. Then he got online and ordered special instruction downloads on how to make the best derby car. He and the boys (mostly he!) put in a lot of time with the cars and they turned out so cute.
What 3 year old does not love spray paint??
The finished products.
They each were in 2 races. Unfortunately, Big Man had one loose wheel and did not win a race. Little Man's race car was super fast, though, and he won each race easily.

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