Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In Laundry.

I cannot seem to get caught up and it is taking all of my free time! We are going camping again in 2 weeks and I think I may just get everything done only to do it again. Camping for 8 days is something I don't think we will be repeating again soon. I think we will stick with 3-5 day trips.
The boys are doing Vacation Bible School this week and are having so much fun. As most of you probably know I am totally neurotic and wouldn't even think of just dropping them off without watching everything for a while to make sure everything seemed o.k. Well...let me just say it was total chaos. They put a 13 year old boy in charge of a group of preschoolers and it was his duty to move the kids from room to room for the various activities. He would say o.k. kids follow me and would just start walking and not checking to make sure that the kids were following etc... I immediately decided I was going to stay because I didn't want my kids to get lost. Long story short 2 of the kids in his group did get misplaced (the director would not use the word lost!) At one point one of the kids told him he had to use the bathroom and he pointed toward the door and said it is down at the end of the hall (it was a long way away). These are 3-5 year olds! Thankfully the director realized it was a little more than he could handle and so today there were 2 teenagers in charge of the group and the girl definitely had a much better idea of how to handle little kids so I left for a little while. Tomorrow (and for the rest of the week), though, I am looking forward to dropping the kids off and having a whole 3 hours with just the baby to get things done. It almost seems to good to be true that I will only have one to deal with:) I think I am going to like having Big Man start school.

Also, my new camera isn't working. The flash won't pop up and the pictures are coming out really dark. When I get some free time I'm going to have to deal with that too:( So for now you are going to have to imagine my sweet little baby who is sitting up so good now without support!!
Just to make you smile here is a sweet picture of my niece that my sister sent me tonight. Isn't she so cute!

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