Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Special Teeth Medicine

When Little Man's front teeth came in I noticed that they had dark spots on them. I thought he had some horrible disease but the Dentist said they were just enamel defects and that there is no protection in that area so he will get cavities there. On his first birthday they tried to fix them up as much as possible to prevent cavities, but they still came. His teeth have been looking worse and worse so we finally decided to have them fixed. I had been telling him he was going to the Dentist and they were going to give him special medicine to drink and then they were going to look at his teeth to see how it is working. He doesn't let them ever clean his teeth or anything usually so I was a little nervous as to how he would react. Hubby took him and Big Man in at 6:30 in the morning and he drank the special medicine really well. It takes about 45 minutes to work and he became a little crazy on it!

I got there about 7:30 so hubby could go to work and he wanted the baby to lay next to him. As long as she was there he would close his eyes. He would open them occasionally and say: I need to go home, Mom, I need to take a nap. We tried so hard not to laugh at him and his slurred speech and crazy talk!

After he was sufficiently sleepy they took him to the room hooked up the nitrous and papoosed him. He didn't mind it at all. He kept laying there with his mouth wide open. She would say were not quite ready you can close it, but he was ready for the Dentist.

He obviously doesn't remember much, but he keeps saying how nice the Dentist was and how he wants to go back for more of the special medicine that makes him dizzy. If anyone needs a good Dentist, I love mine, I have known her since High School. She is the daughter of my schools Health Occupations Teacher that I know some of you had:)


Lorie said...

Poor guy. I am glad they did okay. We had to change dentists and find one that didn't papoose because my son HATED IT! They wanted to call in an anesthesiologist! He did fine with no Papoose though.

You have to watch this clip on You Tube. You will either laugh or cry!

The Momma said...

That was too funny! I was thinking that I should have brought the video camera because it was so funny watching him. Next time one of the kids is going to get the special medicine I will definitely bring it:)

Just the Four of Us said...

So funny. Glad he enjoyed his special medicine! :)

Oh, and we definitely need a good dentist recommendation. Remind me to get the info from you next time I see you.