Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest Of Trip

The baby sure loved Grandma Gail! I can't get over how big my baby is as I look at this picture...she will be 6 months this week and still seems to be growing fast. The Dr has told me not to give her any more food for now, possibly until after her surgery, as solids put more of a strain on the heart. Who knew! So, anyways I am feeling a bit like a milk cow for the time being as she is always hungry. We are going to St. Joes hospital for another appointment this week and will see what the Dr there says. I have been told that he is the best so I'm hoping that I will like him as I wasn't totally thrilled with her last heart Dr. He had only been out of Medical School for a few years and appeared way to young to be fixing my baby's heart! I know I am biased but I can't help it...I want someone who has done this procedure many many times.
Our last day camping the boys and hubby put together the rockets they got from their Aunt & Uncle last Christmas. They were so excited and we had the perfect meadow right behind the campsite to set them off.

We had to do the countdown several times before the first one finally took off, and boy did it take off! It went so high no one could see it for a good 15 seconds and then we saw it floating with the parachute.
The kids running off trying to find the rocket. They got their excecise as they would go get it and bring it back and then we would do it again! It wouldn't be any fun to have them run across the field only one time:)

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