Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready For Halloween!

The kids had a fun filled day over at my Mom's today. Here they are making cookies.
Then of course they had to sample them!

My nephew is getting so big and he is so happy now (finally...we were a little worried for a while!!)
My hubby did the honors of cutting the pumpkins after he made us a wonderful steak dinner.
Getting his design just right...
And here are the finished products. This is a nice bat pumpkin.
And here is a nice winking pumpkin. They look very cool when they are lit up. We also had Big Man's parent teacher conference today and he is doing so well in school! His lowest grades are in music and art, go figure:)
Of course the baby had to spend some time terrorizing her cousin! At least he thought it was funny as she is trying to poke him in the eye and putting her fingers in his mouth. She had her final day of testing with the cardiologist yesterday and her heart is perfect.We don't have to go back for an entire year, hurray! I don't think there is anything harder than trying to get a baby to lay still for test after test.

Now I need to get working on their costumes for tomorrow!

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Lise said...

Looks like fun! I'm SO glad to hear that your little girl is as perfect as can be!!! (And your nephew, too!)