Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Need Of A House Cleaner?

Have 4 year old ready and willing to vacuum and dust anyone's house (in his pajamas!). He especially likes vacuum's with attachments and is willing to get on hands and knees to get under furniture. He has recently confided in me that when he grows up he would like to be a housecleaner, so I am more than happy to give him all of the practice he wants.
He is not easily distracted by others trying to get him to come play as well. He will be happy with 10 pennies for pay and can come as often as you need:)

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Anonymous said...

This is Nancy Smith. When Steven turned 3 all he asked for for his birthday was a Dustbuster! Not a toy one, a REAL one. We got it for him and he was obsessed with it from the get-go. He would stand ready for someone to drop something that he could suck up in it. Must be a developmental stage! Love your blog.