Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Day

Today Big Man got to go the allergist. He had a scratch test for allergies since he is still having a lot of tummy issues even though he has been gluten free for a year. He had no reaction to any grass or weed, but all of the foods except for two he had a reaction to as well as almost every inhalant! So he can't eat anything but he can roll around in the grass all he wants! It was a traumatizing experience for the poor guy as he had 4 other people, other than myself, holding him down while they scratched his back:( I'm sure everyone in the building heard him screaming as well. It made me feel so good as he was screaming Stop it Mommy, Your hurting me Mommy! The welts don't look as bad in pictures, but they were bad enough that they have to do more testing (Oh goody), he has to have some blood work to check his immune function and then some more specific allergy test. I also have to keep him dairy free for 2 weeks before his next appointment. So now he can have no gluten and no dairy. Hopefully that will only be temporary. She also tried to put him on other medication for allergies and asthma. I do not think he has asthma, but they did some lung function tests today that show that he may have some airway constriction. He runs around all day and doesn't cough, and the only time he wheezes is in the winter occasionally when he has a cold. Oh well, hopefully they will figure out what is wrong with him soon.
After we left the Dr. he went to go play with the kitty's at Grandma's who are now living in her laundry room while waiting for a home. They really are precious. The kids just love them (although Big Man is probably allergic to them as well!)


We have also been getting ready for a camping trip we are leaving on tomorrow for a week in Utah. This is a real camping trip as there are no hook ups and no cell service which means no internet:( I think I can get service when we go to town, though, as I don't know if I can go without for a week!


The Gerdes Family said...

Oh Angie! Poor guy! How heartbreaking that he screamed like that :( I don't know how you were brave enough to hold him down. I would have definitely made E do that job! Then again, I am a big weenie about things like that :) Well, glad you both survived the ordeal. Hope they figure out what's going on soon!! Hugs to you and Big man!

Xandi said...

I took Corbin to an allergist when he was one and they did the scratch test. No allergies to anything but a few trees. She told me it's best to keep him indoors and not let him roll around in the grass outside. So completely the opposite from Grant. He only breaks out in hives (from the trees) in April and then he's good for the rest of the year.