Friday, July 11, 2008

Rainy Days

Last night I decided to take the kids to a concert in the park that goes on every Thursday. The kids love listening to music and Little Man had gone the week before with my Mom and really liked it. We get to the concert walk the two blocks from our car, sit down and it starts sprinkling. After the first song the conductor canceled the concert because it was raining even harder. I can’t even explain to you how quickly the rain and wind picked up. I tried to get the kids to some sort of cover to see if the rain would ease up a bit before we walked the two blocks back to the car. It only got worse. We even had umbrellas and they did nothing to help with the rain. My Mom decided to run back and get the car and come pick us up. Thankfully there were some friends there to help with the kids who were shivering uncontrollably and very scared. By the time we got to the car we were totally soaked. By this time it had been raining maybe 15 minutes and the streets looked like running rivers of water. The water was so high it was pouring from the street over the sidewalks. I was so wet that I literally had to wring out my underwear after I took it off (I know TMI)! Just so you get the idea of how wet I was:) It was quite an adventure that I do not want to repeat again. Big Man has a major fear of rain now, he told me last night when he was going to bed: I thought I liked the rain, but I don’t, I don’t like it at all. Today both of the kids have runny, stuffy noses and have been sneezing like crazy. I had always thought that it was an old wives tale not to get wet and cold because you get sick. I am thinking it is true now, though. My car smells horrible too from being so wet inside; it smells like a moldy shoe:(

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