Thursday, December 18, 2008

36 Weeks

Had my appointment with both my Midwife and the O.B. Dr. at the practice and baby is still breech:( We had not really been considering doing a version but the Dr. told us that he will be very gentle and she will be monitered the whole time to make sure that she isn't under any stress. I had read a lot of scary things about doing a version on the internet but my Dr. said he has never had a bad outcome in 20 years and that if I was his daughter he would be doing a version instead of just scheduling a c-section. They said the baby is in a good position, kind of sideways and I have lots of fluid and he thought there was an 80% chance of getting her to flip. So this Sunday I will be in the hospital and hopefully come home with a head down baby!
Went shopping today as Children's Place and Carters were having big sales and here are a couple of the outfits my Mom got her. She has so many dresses and skirts that these are probably going to be her everyday kind of clothes! I also don't think she will be wearing the same thing more than once for at least 6 months, do you think she is going to be spoiled!

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Emily said...

Hopefully she will stay head down after all that too and not decide to flip right back up again! I will be praying for you. Are you showing any signs of labor readiness?