Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas

We opened presents at my Mom's on Christmas Eve morning. The kids were just a little excited!
After opening their presents did they even want to play with their gifts? No, they just wanted to play in the boxes and with the bubble wrap!
A co-worker of my hubby's has dressed as Santa and has visited the kids for the past 3 years on Christmas Eve. The kids were so impressed because we were at great grandma's house and he still found us.
Santa gave the kids a gift, it didn't even dawn on me until they were opening them that Big Man was with me when I bought these presents. I think he thought hard when he saw them and then just said to Little Man later: We bought you the same camera at the store, that's crazy! I told him that since Santa brought him the camera I was going to take the other one back.
Christmas morning the kids had stockings and got what they have been talking about for weeks, a trumpet. They were totally convinced they were getting a trumpet but I could not find one in any store. Finally I bought them off of Amazon and just paid for 2 day shipping. It was well worth the smiles on their faces:) We then went and opened presents with my hubby's family as well. The kids are now well stocked on toys and are wondering why Santa can't come more than on Christmas Eve.

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