Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can Style Be Learned???

I have been trying very hard lately to let Big Man pick out his clothes and nicely telling him when things don't match and helping him learn which clothes go with what. I don't think it is sinking in...He is obsessed with wearing 2 shirts for some reason, and thinks that shirts look best tucked in. He thinks he looks good and will spend some time every day just trying on outfits like this one and will come out and say I just wanted to see how this would look together. There are many days where I choose not to fight him on his clothes, so if you see us out together and wonder why he is wearing what he is, just know that I am thinking the same thing:)
Little Man insisted I take his picture in the exact same silly pose. Thankfully he will still let me pick out his clothes for the most part, now if he would just leave them on that would be great!

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