Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another Appointment...

Had my appointment with my Midwife today and the baby is still head down (yay!!) I'm dilated 2.5-3 cm, 50% effaced and she is at a plus 2 station. I have been having a lot of contractions that really bother me sometimes, but at least now I know the contractions I'm having are actually doing something which makes them a little more bearable.... She said it could be any day, but I still think it will be another week or two. Just in case, though, I came home and cleaned my house. That probably means that she definitely will not come soon, as I'm sure she will wait until my house is a disaster again:) Now if I could just decide on a name. We have had a name picked out for months and now I have decided I don't like it... Needless to say my hubby is not happy, but I can't help it!!! Hopefully by the time she is born the hubby and I can agree on another name.

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