Friday, December 5, 2008

Turn Baby Turn

Today I had my first Webster Technique to help the baby to turn. The Chiropractor was so nice and seemed very knowledgeable, he came highly recommended by a midwife I know and he told me that he sees new women with breech babies every week and is able to help a majority of them. He felt the back of my pelvis and said Yep, frank breech is what I am feeling from your pelvis. He explained that the pelvis moves differently depending on what part of the baby is down. He then massaged my round ligaments which have really hurt me this pregnancy and said that they should loosen up as my right one especially was very constricted and that will make more room at the bottom of my uterus. He said he can generally get babies to turn as long as there is not a cord issue, so I am pretty hopeful that this along with laying on the ironing board 3x a day upside down will get her to turn! I will get another Webster on Monday and then see the midwife on Wed. so hopefully she will be turned by then so I don't have to meet with the Dr. to discuss my alternatives.

On a different note... The kids were laying down patting my belly and talking to the baby and I was telling Big Man that he use to love laying on my belly when Little Man was in there. Then Little Man asked if he use to do that when Big Man was in my belly. Big Man tells him, No silly, you were still a seed at the store and Mommy and Daddy hadn't bought you yet! And no, I did not correct him.

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