Monday, April 13, 2009

Boys, Police & Guns

There was a situation in our neighborhood this morning where there was a helicoptor overhead and I saw a few police vehicles drive by. No big deal, I thought, I do live in central Phx and that sort of thing happens occasionally. Then my Dad calls a little while later to tell me that my neighborhood has been blocked off so no one can get in. I think maybe this is a little more serious than I thought and brought the kids inside and we locked up good. They are playing and then they look out the front window to see SWAT looking police officers with their big guns and dogs out front. The kids are so excited and want to go out there and see them. Me, I'm getting a little nervous. Not 10 minutes later the phone rings and it is the police department telling me that there is an emergency situation and that an armed felon is loose in my neighborhood and gave his description and said to watch for him and call police if I see him. Now, I am very nervous. I haven't touched a gun in many years, but I went and got one out just in case. I can hear the boys talking to themselves saying things like: I hope he comes here, I want to see Mom shoot him! Then they would yell at me: There he is, get your gun go get him, Mom! I don't know what it is about boys, but testosterone must start early as well as a love for danger and guns. FYI our guns are put away and we talk to the boys regularly about gun safety:)


viatorassociates said...

What an exciting day! I read a little blurb buried in the paper this morning. The guy had felony warrants and was stopped for a traffic violation, so he ran. They did not catch him.

Xandi said...

OMG I was lmao towards the end of this. I remember seeing this on the news. How freakin SCARY!!!!!!