Friday, April 3, 2009

No More Training Wheels #2

Little Man has been bugging me to take his training wheels off since Big Man learned to ride a bike. I keep telling him when your 4. Today he was bugging me again and so I said fine, thinking he would keep falling down and have me put them back on. I was wrong! Before I could even get outside to help him he was all ready riding it. Big Man was yelling at me "he is doing it!" I went outside and there he is going across the yard.
He did way better than Big Man did on his first day of riding a bike. I think the tongue sticking out really helps him!

There were a few falls, but no crying yet and no major injuries and he rode it ALL day. He rode up to me this afternoon and said "I told you I could ride without training wheels." Yes you did, maybe someday I will start listening to you:)

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