Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where Has The Week Gone?

I was all excited to have a few days to catch up on my housework while the boys were out of town but my baby had other ideas. She has been so sick with bronchiolitis. She tested negative for RSV but it is a nasty virus just like it. She has been coughing and wheezing with a runny/stuffy nose. It has been horrible as I can't sleep because I'm afraid that she will have problems breathing in the middle of the night. She has had to have a few breathing treatments and just a lot of holding. I thought that she was doing a lot better today, but tonight while we were at Big Man's baseball practice she started coughing and would not stop. She was turning all sorts of colors and was having a hard time catching her breath and for a minute I thought I might have to call an ambulance. She finally coughed up the phlegm that was bothering her and is sleeping peacefully right now. Hopefully tomorrow she will be all better since we have egg dying and cookie decorating for Easter to accomplish!
She has been falling asleep in the high chair every morning during breakfast or while I do dishes. I love to watch her sleep, she is just so cute!

I think she is so used to noise that she falls asleep better listening to the boys than if I put her in bed where it is quiet. I don't care where she sleeps, just as long as she does:) She is still refusing to sleep in her car seat. I'm hoping that will come soon since we are all a little tired of having to listen to her cry in the car when she gets tired!

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