Thursday, April 30, 2009


My new camera was ordered last week so I have been waiting for it to come not so patiently. There are many things I want to take pictures of! We planted a little garden in pots, I don't know what you would call that...but we are growing tomatoes, jalopenos, cilantro, basil and cucumbers. So far so good, I just hope to get one fruit off of one of the plants and I will consider the garden a success:)

Big Man is going to school tomorrow for Kindergarten Round-up. At the school he is going to next year they invite all of the kids to come to school for one day with the current Kindergarten class to see what it is going to be like. He is SOOO excited. He has had me read him the invitation a couple of times per day that describes what they are going to be doing and he can't wait. We searched for years, basically, to find a good school and I think we found one because they seem to go above and beyond what a typical school does. It is a very small school with only 120 kids from K-8 and they have a teacher and an aide for K. We were wanting a small school with a half-day Kindergarten and everyone there seems so nice. This year they had 11 kids in the K class and they seem to have a lot of fun. We will find out next year if we made a good choice! Me, I am not so excited about having to get him to school on time, but I'm thinking I will be able to talk hubby into taking him at least half the time (love you hubby xoxo!)

Other than that, life is just going. It appears that my neighbors are feaful of the swine flu because it seems that no one is going to school this week. 2 of my neighbors kept their kids home today and another one said they are not going to school tomorrow. They were all over playing at my house today, though, so doesn't that defeat the purpose of isolation. Oh well, I am not exactly worried but I do make my kids wash their hands a little more frequently.

Hopefully I will be able to report back soon with something exciting and some pictures. (And Lise will you please blog about your baby, I want to hear the details and see pictures!!)

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Sorry! I'm working on it! :o)