Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where's My Bailout

I am so sick of people not paying their bills! My neighbors are months behind on their mortgage but they manage to go out to eat every night and today they went and bought a new, huge flat screen t.v. They just assume that the Government is going to help them refinance to get a lower payment if they get behind. It is so frustrating that those who are irresponsible with their spending are the ones who will get a good deal from the Government, not those of us who never go out to eat, have very old televisions and make sure to pay our bills.

Enough ranting for one day, back to watching my $20 estate sale t.v.


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Xandi said...

Then we have the people in our neighborhood who are short selling and we get to have our HOA keep going up to make up for it. Not fair and Daryl doesn't even have a job, but we have not missed one bill.