Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Movie Fun At Harkins

The cost of 10 movies: $7

The cost of popcorn and drink at each movie: $11

The fact that hubby will be taking them every week: Priceless!

***I'm not so sure he shares my enthusiasm:) These tickets went very fast last year. Today is the first day of sales so get them while you can!

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Lorie said...

Oh! Good for you! I debated getting them, but each of those movies is available on DVD, so I figured this summer we would just use our Free Monday Redbox code to get a kids movie and then I could make them popcorn and let them pick out a treat at the store and we can watch from the comfort of our own home for less money.

But if my hubby were taking them I would SO be buying the tickets! ;D